This month is designated as Women’s History Month, and in support of that we bring you several lesson plans by our TPS-GSU participants, along with historic insights about influential women in American History.

In addition, we have three feature articles that spotlight contributions of Women in History:

  1. Our TPS-GSU Gazette (eZine and Blog) focuses on the new Rosa Park’s Collection in our section on National Focus from the Library of Congress.
  2. In our State Focus section of this month’s Gazette, we bring your attention to a recent presentation by Dr. Lucianne Brown on the GSU Campus on the topic of “Inspirational Women,” supported by primary sources.
  3. Earlier this month, our monthly email feature, Lest We Forget, relayed the story behind the annual Cherry Tree Festival in Washington, D.C. with primary sources documenting how American First Ladies collaborated with their Japanese sister-comrades to beautify our Capitol with the rare blooms of Japanese Cherry Trees.

As always, you will find excellent primary source materials to enhance your lesson plans in this month’s issue.

NATIONAL FOCUS:  New for You from the Library of Congress

logo-locThe Library of Congress recently added “The Rosa Parks Collection” to its prestigious collection of Civil Rights primary sources.

Here is a video from the Library of Congress website, titled “Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus.” (To view the details about the making of this video, please click on the link above.)


STATE FOCUS:  TPS Presentation on Tolerance at GSU

On March 30th, Director Lucianne Brown, Ph.D., presented to GSU staff and students on the subject of influential women in history.


Inspirational Women from the Library of Congress Collections

Whether you’re a professor or a student, the use of Primary Sources enriches your understanding of Women in History.  Participants were introduced to the inspirational influence women throughout U.S. history through the eyes of the Library of Congress’ Primary Sources.

LESSON PLANS:  Women in History

In commemorating Women’s History Month, we are proud to present the following lesson plans designed by our TPS-GSU participants:

There are many more lessons created by teachers from TPS-GSU featuring women noted on the Library of Congress site.  We invite you to go to and type in “women” in the Keyword Search to find more lessons about influential women in history.


TPS-GSU Summer Graduate Course – registration is now open!

Please contact Dr. Lucianne Brown if you would like to register for this training: 708-235-7575

Education 7212-01 Digital Primary Sources

Designed to effectively access, integrate, and produce curricula utilizing the Internet and digitized primary source materials from the collections of the Library of Congress. Focuses on the nature of primary sources and classroom applications for digital technology. Provides hands-on experience using the historical tests, photographs, motion pictures, maps and sound recordings from the Library Congress American Memory digital collections.

This course delivery will be entirely face to face with meetings on the following dates and time.

Dates: June 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 & 25.

Times: From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

More workshop dates coming soon … including Coaches TPS-GSU Academy Online!