All About the Holidays

We all celebrate something.  Many cultures have commonalities in what we celebrate, such as weddings, birthdays, and the new year.  Celebrations are fun, exciting, and a way to remind us that we belong to a larger community, be it a family, a nation, or any number of organized groups.

Celebrating the Christmas Season is a community event in our nation for most people. This month the newsletter focuses on Christmas in American History, which is an important event in the national identity of the believing church.  It also holds tremendous importance in our culture as a time of year for extending peace, kindness, and good cheer. 

Please visit the collections found on The Library of Congress’ website this holiday season. There you will locate a number of collections with material to use this month (and for the beginning of the New Year) including lesson plans and themed collections.Below you will find several suggestions of primary sources which will be of value to you. 


Helpful Primary Sources:

 Jump Back in Time– Christmas Day  12-25

The South During the Civil War

A Visit From St. Nicholas

National Jukebox:

The Newsboy’s Christmas 2:40

Christmas Eve 3:27

Christmas Light Behold 3:43

The Night Before Christmas 3:43


Family Customs Past and Present: Exploring Cultural Rituals (6-12)


Featured Lesson Plans From Past Participants:

Charged Up! The Power of Electricity is a lessondesigned byCarol Humm, a teacher at Flossmoor.  This lesson will help students appreciate the daily uses of electricity. 

The Blackest Homerun In History will introduce students to the influences, contributions, and paths made by African Americans through Negro League Baseball. This lesson was designed by Lynn Johnson, a student at Governors State University.

A City On Fire will transport your students back in time to the early days of Chicago events, specifically to the Great Chicago Fire.  Joelle Mulhearn teaches  3rd grade at Flossmoor School District.


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