Recent Events with TPS

  • Teaching with Primary Workshop On-Site – Jan 4th

We had an excellent response to the “Teaching with Primary Sources” workshop held on-site at Thornton Fractional High School last month on January 4th.  The curriculum was conducted by two of our alumni – Prof. Carol, TPS Lead Facilitator, and Mr. Tim Wulf, TPS-GSU Coach.  This was a one-day workshop consisting of three sessions:

  1. Exposure and Overview: Navigating the Library of Congress Website
  2. Primary Source Research: Participants Research Specific Topics/Units
  3. Content Specific Activity: Development of Lesson Plans for Students
  • Level II TPS Workshop On-Site – Jan 27 and Feb 24

Our latest on-site workshop is ongoing for Lemont School District.  Our Level II Teaching with Primary Sources curriculum encompasses two days, and this workshop will conclude on February 24th.  Here is a synopsis of our Level II Workshop:

  1. Apply the use of primary sources to support effective instructional practices for achieving CCSS
  2. Evaluate, create and teach topic-specific content-informed learning experiences integrating primary sources from the Library of Congress
  3. 12 hr Training (CPDU’s Credit Available)
  4. Click Here to View the Lemont Level II Workshop Post on Facebook
  • Would You Like a Workshop On-Site at Your School or District?


We will be pleased to provide you additional information and to answer all your questions about any of the Professional Development workshops or customized programs offered by TPS-GSU.


If you would like to speak with us in person, please call:

Lynn Johnson, TPS-GSU Project Manager

If you would like to request information via email, please contact:

Dr. Lucianne Brown, TPS-GSU Director

Upcoming Events with TPS

  •  ICE Conference February 23-26

Are you registered to attend the Iceberg Conference? The 2016 Illinois Computing Educators conference is coming up soon, and there’s still time to registered if you hurry … don’t delay! The conference will be held at Pheasant Run Resort and Conference Center in St. Charles, IL. To see the details of break-out sessions – along with how to register online – CLICK HERE:  2016 ICEBERG

  • ICSS Conference on March 11th

Please make plans now to attend the Spring 2016 Illinois Council for Social Studies Conference at Millikin University, in Decator, IL, on March 11, 2016.  This year’s theme is “New Frontiers in Teaching Social Studies” and we are told, it is anticipated to be a lively and active conference.  To learn more and to register as an attendant, PLEASE CLICK HERE:   SPRING 2016 ICSS CONFERENCE

  • Summer Teachers Institutes for 2016

We remind you that the application for the Summer Teachers Institutes by the Library of Congress is DUE BY FEBRUARY 29TH.  From the Library of Congress website, below is an outline of what will be presented this year:

logo-loc“Immerse yourself in the practice of teaching with primary sources from the unparalleled collections of Library of Congress this summer. Apply to attend a week-long professional development program for K-12 educators in the nation’s capital.

In 2016, the Library will offer five Institute weeks:

  • Science, Technology, and Engineering Focus: June 20-24
  • Open Sessions (any subject area): June 27-July 1, July 11-15, July 18-22, and July 25-29

Application Deadline: February 29, 2016.”

To learn more about the 2016 Summer Teacher Institutes – and for instructions on how to apply – PLEASE CLICK HERE:  SUMMER TEACHER INSTITUTES at LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

  • On-Site Workshops and Summer Workshops at TPS-GSU

Please watch for our announcement late March for our TPS-GSU Summer Workshops to be held at the GSU Campus.  We are available for on-site workshops in your District! 

Please contact Dr. Brown to discuss what we offer for your specific needs:

Updates from the Library of Congress

  • THANK YOU to those of you who participated in the National Survey! 

Your feedback in our recent National Survey is highly valuable input for our ongoing commitment to provide excellence to educators through the Teaching with Primary Sources program, funded by the Library of Congress.  We greatly appreciate your support.

  • Teaching with the Library of Congress Blog

We invite you to utilize the plethora of resources available in the Library of Congress blog designed specifically for educators, Teaching with the Library of Congress. 

Here are some recent posts we recommend that you explore: